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large inclination structure design

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Top gold ore crusher in many areas has been widely used, such as ore mining industry selection. As in so many applications in the industry, the top performance advantages of screen machine gold ore crusher how? In the use process, how to maintain and maintenance of the equipment? The top screen machine adopts an eccentric block as the exciting force gold ore crusher, vibration force super.

Gold ore crusher uses the tire coupling, flexible connection, stable operation. Small amplitude, high frequency, large inclination structure design makes the machine is of high efficiency, long service life, the largest processing, low power consumption, low noise.Although this device has many advantages over the performance, but in the use of the process should also pay special attention to the maintenance of equipment and maintenance.

In the maintenance process, special attention should be paid to the following matters. The first point is to periodically check the screen frame clamping device, such as a loose shall timely pressing, in order to avoid screen whose vibrations occur displacement phenomenon. The second point is to periodically check the sealing strip, found that wear or defective should change in time. should always take out, check regularly whether surface damage or uneven, pore blockage.

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