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The influence factors of crusher production capacity

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Mining machinery for various issues related to the work , and in improving the production efficiency of the premise, through the efforts of the majority of mechanical designers , sand making machine European version came into being . 
European version of sand making machine mainly consists of frame parts, eccentric shaft parts, crushing working part chamber , safety device, the nesting population adjustment device and other components. sand making machine adopts world-class manufacturing processes, selection of the most high-end production of materials , which consists of more advanced movable jaw composed before the high hardness wear-resistant materials exhibit a higher ability to move the crusher Hubei castings with high quality composition , and through two large cast steel flywheel drive, which makes  jaw version with exceptional reliability. Jaw version finite analysis technology makes the crusher in the face of greater strength materials showed a more remarkable crushing capacity . 
1 , the hardness of the material. Harder materials broken up more difficult , and the more serious of the crusher equipment wear. Broken slow, of course, crushing capacity is small. 2 , the humidity of materials, when water containing large material , the material is easy to adhere to the crusher content , but also easy to plug the next conveying process , resulting in crushing capacity decreases. 3 , the fineness of the crushed material , fineness requirements, which requires breaking out the finer material , the crushing capacity is smaller. 4 , the composition of the material , the more material in powder containing broken before the impact of fragmentation , because these adhesion of powder is easy to transport . For more fines content should advance once sieve. 5 , the viscosity of the material . Namely, the greater the viscosity of the material , the easier adhesion . 6 , broken pieces ( hammer , jaw ) , the better the wear resistance of crushing equipment crushing the greater capacity , if you do not wear, will affect the crushing capacity 

The conventional crusher eccentric shaft means , other than the eccentric shaft of the crusher, the same size compared with the larger and more durable. The new technology uses a halogen -shaped shield , increasing the effective length of the jaw , the crushing machine compared to other , bigger production. In short, the European version of the sand making machine has indisputably become the world’s most popular sand making machine . When taking into account the hard, strong abrasive material crushing , first choose to use the most advanced international crushing technology and manufacturing level of , the European version of the sand making machine .

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