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ultrafine mill used in building materials industry

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The larger 08mm particles content, accounting for less than 0. The content of 16mm particles in 40%~50%. That is to say: when the artificial stone content is less than 12. 0%, the stone is less than 0. 8% particle content is generally less than 5. 0%. however, when the artificial stone and stone powder content was 12%~15%, the stone is less than 0. The content of 08mm particles will reach 5. 0%~7. 0%, higher than the supervision requirements of 5.

The requirements of 0%, yield and pouring of stone is still restricted sand. dried stone rate according to meet the month, pouring 35000 cubic stone requirements, according to 25 days per month, 16 hours a day working time to consider, Ba Ma Kejin feed are required to ensure that 120t/h, and the fine crushing system rate is too low, not meet Barmac ultrafine mill biz company requirements, so it is necessary to reform the crushing system.

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