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choose the suitable model of construction waste crusher

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Construction waste crusher for medium hardness following the processing of various materials, has the advantages of small volume, big crushing ratio, low energy consumption characteristics of advantage. When customers buy the crusher also according to their size, material discharging grain size on yield, and choose proper construction waste crusher model. In order to meet customers’ different requirements of the production process, our counterattack type crusher is divided into two series, respectively is PF series construction waste crusher and the European version of construction waste crusher.

They are used to achieve the purpose of Chong skills crushing material, following the principle of work: the rotor rotating in high speed under the driving of the motor, the material into the crushing chamber is composed of a feed inlet, has the intense impact hammer and plate mounted on the rotor, the material being broken due to strike by high-speed punching plate hammer; then, the crushed material and back to the lining was broken again; after repeated several times until the above process, the materials are crushed to the required size, finally discharged from the discharge port.Material impact split along the joint surface, the crushing principle get uniform product size, product cube shape, no tension cracks, grain shape good, meet all kinds of aggregate grading standards.

The advantage of good performance, stable yield, and high quality finished product specifications make the crusher in metallurgy, mine, cement, chemical, refractories and ceramics and other industrial sectors, as well as the highway construction, water conservancy, building stone, mechanism of sand processing is widely applied. We have two series of products and a variety of models for customer choice. The crushing chamber is divided into two types: two crushing chamber for coarse crushing operations, can rise to simplify the process of crushing chamber effect; three is fine, super fine operation performance is extraordinary. construction waste crusher parameters including rotor diameter / length, inlet size, maximum feed size, production capacity, power, motor model, dimensions is described in detail in our products on the homepage. Customers can according to the nature of their own to the processing of materials to choose the corresponding model. You can also through the business to customer service consulting specific construction waste crusher technical parameters.

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