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The development process of Raymond mill concrete in China

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The development process of Raymond mill concrete in China Yongdeng started a small batch production of Raymond mill Portland cement, in twentieth Century 70 in the state promulgated the GB1344 Raymond mill Portland cement.In twentieth Century 70 time later period, Beijing Shijingshan power plant to meet the Japanese construction contractors southeast concrete project and Beijing city subway engineering need, ground Raymond mill is developed according to product specification of Raymond mill in japan. 1979 promulgated the GB1596 – 1979 for cement and concrete standards, and was revised in 1991, promulgated a new standard GB1596 – 1991. Fly ash mill is a kind of Raymond mill grinding equipment, urban and rural construction and environmental protection department to organize the preparation and publication of JGJ28 – 1986 of Raymond mill in concrete and mortar in the application of technical regulations. In twentieth Century 90 in the early 1980s, the Ministry of water resources to make GBJ146 – 1990 Raymond mill concrete application technology specification. In twentieth Century 80 time, Raymond mill concrete has been a new development in our country a lot of city construction engineering. Shanghai city has become the development of Raymond mill concrete new technology pilot city, strengthen research and development. The initial goal is to solve the problem of application of Raymond mill in the reinforced concrete and saving cement problem. In the six five plan period, adjust measures to local conditions, focus on the development of suitable for reinforced concrete ground Raymond mill products, through research, design, production, use, management and other departments of the cooperation, mainly closely combined with the application of ready mixed concrete, open up a broader application of Raymond mill concrete in reinforced concrete structures in civil and architectural engineering, especially the application in the high-rise building pumping concrete has obvious technical and economical effect. In the cement products in the municipal engineering, the application of ground Raymond mill has good performance.

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